Parque Sur

A multi-purpose business park providing the adequate environment
for the development of a variety of operations.

PARQUE SUR is a multipurpose business park project covering 42 hectares (over 103 acres), featuring high quality, world class buildings and infrastructure. This “megaproject” offers clients and users greater operative efficiency at reasonable prices. The project includes:

  • Access to main thoroughfares: Via Domingo Díaz, Corredor Norte expressway and the Sur expressway
  • Connection with the metro Line 2.
  • Telecommunications systems featuring fiber optic technology, offering redundancy and high availability
  • Data / Voice / Cable TV
  • Eco Friendly
  • Water reserve system
  • Redundant electrical power
  • Waste water treatment plant featuring high-end technology
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Security booth, pedestrian control, and 24-hour vehicle surveillance
  • Closed circuit digital system
  • Peripheral security fence equipped with video cameras.
  • Restaurants, servicenter with ATM’s, expending machines and other facilities.
  • Sports facilities
  • Green areas